Through our Code of Conduct, we are transparent about our expectations of ourselves, our business partners and customers. To ensure long term trust and delivering expectations, we measure our performance in the following areas and then if needed, we take corrective actions in order to fulfil maximum trust and satisfaction.

Contributing to worldwide sustainable growth, respecting the environment, the society and the economy is vitally important for STELLAR. We support worldwide sustainable growth by providing our customers with the most trusted products and services by enabling unique solutions.

Integrity is one very important asset that is consistent with our Company’s Code of Conduct. Integrity is at the core of our corporation. Our corporate culture is based on integrity and ethical behavior. Our success is the harvest of a deeply engrained culture of ethics and integrity which strengthens our relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and communities. Our Code of Conduct defines how we treat each other with integrity, fairness, ethics and respect. Acting with integrity allows us to maintain the Company’s ethical reputation and meet the high expectations of our customers, suppliers and business partners.

Our Code of Conduct provides a framework to identify and address the true right and wrong in the global scale. It promotes a common understanding of right and wrong across all STELLAR businesses, wherever we operate.

Compliance, the adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, is a core value of STELLAR’s corporate culture. STELLAR is determined to obey the Code of Conduct defining and outlining our solid commitment to not tolerate violations and to apply a zero tolerance policy for any non-compliance.

Our Code of Conduct not only defines the principles and guidelines that govern our business conduct within the STELLAR Organization, but also defines the requirements set forth by STELLAR for its suppliers and business partners. STELLAR has a right to expect from its suppliers and business partners to stick to STELLAR’s Code of Conduct.

Doing business with integrity is the only way for an ethical business. We appreciate our employees, customers, suppliers and communities and we are obligated to continuing to uphold our Company’s commitment to integrity and ethics.