Health & Safety Policy Statement

STELLAR’s Health & Safety Policy is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and to continue to maintain and operate our businesses in full compliance with applicable Health & Safety laws and regulations. It is also our policy to continuously monitor and audit the working conditions, and  resolve any suspected instances of unsafe or unhealthy working conditions or non-compliance with applicable requirements.

Each employee has responsibility for maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. The performance of all work assignments without incident is of utmost importance. Employees must immediately report any suspect unsafe or unhealthy condition, accident or near miss situation to their immediate supervisor.

Discovering and implementing new means to prevent harm to our employees by continuous improvement in our health and safety performance. Teledyne is committed to providing adequate personnel and other resources to maintain a safe and healthy workplace; comply with applicable health and safety laws, regulations and permits; and implement, maintain and improve our Health & Safety Management System.