• AspiROV

    Suction system

    5 thrusters

    2 color video cameras

    Drive wheels

AspiROV robot

AspiROV robot is an ultra-portable robot with a total weight of 12 kg, especially designed for visual inspection and cleaning of fire fighting, industrial and potable water tanks. It can be used in cleaning mode (rolling skid) and in inspection mode (open water navigation). A ballast system allows the operator adjusting the robot buoyancy for obstruction clearance. A single operator is necessary and the sediments are pumped out of the tank thanks to the suction hose and the pump.


The AspiROV embeds 2 high sensitivity 700 TVL video cameras. Rear camera is mounted on tilt while front camera is mounted on pan&tilt.


Equipped with 2 drive wheels, AspiROV can move in any direction on the tank bottom. it can also be operated in open water thanks to its thrusters.


Thanks to the suction nozzle connected to the surface pump through a 35m hose, AspiROV pumps out the sediments and cleans liner, steel or concrete tank bottoms

Depth rating : 100m

Dimensions: L 660mm x l 430mm x H 530mm

Weight: 12kg in air / 6kg to neutral in water, adjustable with ballast system

Max. speed: Navigation : 2m/s; Rollong: 0,2m/s

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