• Catarob-ATS

    Range 1km

    2 electrical motors

    4h autonomy

    3D modelling under and above the water



is an Unmanned Surface Vehicle, catamaran type, with tele-operated and/or autonomous modes. Equipped with a bathymetry multibeam echosounder and a LiDAR, the CATA-Digues provides 3D modelling of the riverbed, riverbanks and any partially or totally immersed infrastructure. Thanks to its small dimensions, the CATA- Digues is the ultimate survey USV for inland waters and harbour areas.

By comparing data over time, the operator will be able to assess disorders due to climate, mechanical or anthropogenic factors.


Equipped with 3D scanning devices under and above the water, the CATA-Digues carries out successive infrastructure modellings for early identification and monitoring of disorders


Two LI-Ion accumulators integrated in the hulls give a full energy autonomy to the CATA-Digues, allowing up to 4h missions in the most remote areas.


CATA-Digues is equipped with a color full HD video camera, 2 outboard electrical motors, high speed Wifi communication up to 1km range and automatic navigation mode.

Control:   Remote control through Wifi 5GHz (back-up radio link 2,4GHz)

Dimensions:   L 1,8m x b1m x H 1,2m

Weight: 55kg without payload – 10kg payload capacity

Max. speed:   4 knots

Draft:   12cm, 17cm with 10kg payload

Max. wave height:   0,3m

Max.current speed:   2 knots

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