• Mini-ROV Observer

    Depth rating 150m

    3 thrusters

    Batteries 4h

    2 colour video cameras


Mini-ROV Observer

The Observer Mini-ROV is an ultra-portable underwater inspection robot fitted with 2 high resolution colour video cameras, one on pan&tilt, and LED lighting, Embedded batteries allow 4h autonomy and operation in the most remote areas down to 150m depth.Thanks to an ancillary plug, various accessories such as sonars, gauges and manipulator can easily be mounted on the Observer. The complete system with its umbilical is packaged in one single transport case with a total weight of 32 kg.


The Observer mini-ROV embeds 2 high sensitivity 700 TVL video cameras. Rear camera is fix while front camera is mounted on pan&tilt.


Thanks to its two NiMh embedded batteries, the Observer mini- ROV has fully autonomous energy supply allowing operations up to 4h in the most remote locations.


The quick plug interface available on the Observer mini-ROV allows easy integration of many options such as sonars, USBL positioning system, US and CP probes, etc.

Depth rating:   150m

ROV  dimensions:    L 490mm x l 270mm x H 210mm

ROV weight:   6,4 kg in air / neutral in water

ROV max. speed:   2 knots (max. current 1,5 knots)

Subsea Tech offers different levels of finishes on its range of Mini-ROVs. Find the one that suits your needs thanks to the table below. Do you need advice ? 





The essentials for your inspection missions

Extend the field of your possibilities

Complete and multitasking

Even more equipment


Front color camera 700 TVL 0,01 lux

Front Pan & Tilt

Rear color camera 700 TVL 0,01 lux

Rear tilt


2 x front LED 1200 lumens with dimming

Rear LED lighting 1000 lumens with dimming

Automatic modes

Water ingress




Automatic modes

Accessories plug and bracket

Accessory plug and bracket

Additional accessory plug and bracket


Umbilical length*






Console in waterproof case

Integrated video recorder


ROV transport bag

“All-in-one” waterproof case

* Umbilical expandable up to 250m

Manipulators et samplers

Subsea Tech has developed its own accessories for Mini-ROV. Among them, a 2-function manipulator that allows grabbing objects, a cutter to cut cables and ropes, as well as water or sediment samplers.


High turbidity does not allow the use of the standard video camera. Acoustic solutions allow imaging even in zero visibility conditions. Scanning sonar makes it possible to scan a zone for navigation purpose, while 2D multibeam sonar, also called “acoustic camera”, is a high-performance real-time imaging solution.

Acoustic positionning

USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) systems allow location of a target relative to a reference unit on the surface. You can then easily locate and record routing of your Mini-ROV Observer, which facilitates navigation and increases the efficiency of excursions.

Measurement probes

Subsea Tech Mini-ROVs can be equipped with various probes such as: thickness measurement probe, cathodic protection measurement probe or several physico-chemical probes (salinity, conductivity, pH, etc.)

Laser pointer
The combination of Subsea Tech’s laser pointer and Inspection Viewer software is a complete solution for measuring all kinds of distances on images captured by the ROV.
Cable reel

Wind and unwind Mini-ROV umbilical easily with this manual winch fitted with a slip ring.

Wheel frame

If you carry out pipe inspections, the wheel frame helps to contain the risk of friction on the walls.

Image enhancement

Increase the quality of your inspections with the LYYN Hawk Board real-time image enhancement system, integrated directly into the console.

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