Technical Support

In case of a technical support request, the customer shall contact with STELLAR by e-mail. In case a request is made by a phone call without sending an official e-mail by the customer for technical support request, STELLAR will provide technical support only when customer official e-mail is received.

In warranty period, STELLAR will notify the customer about the duration and other issues for the faulty unit. After warrant period ends, STELLAR will provide a quotation to the customer for the repair of the faulty unit including the lead time. In case the price quotation is officially accepted by the customer, the customer is responsible for preparing an appropriate packaging as well as handling the transportation to STELLAR premises. STELLAR assumes no responsibility for the damage during transportation for the cargos transported by the customer.

For after sales services and support, all returns with a reference number, which will be provided by STELLAR for mutual tracking of the faulty item, should be delivered to STELLAR with the following information:

Customer name and address

Part Number (P/N) of the returned unit

Serial Number (S/N) of the returned unit

Detailed description of the fault for return

Shipping return address

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